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OCPeasy CLI is an open-source software provisioning, configuration management, and application-deployment tool enabling infrastructure as code on OpenShift.

It has been implemented with Python 3.8, fire, GitPython, PyYAML, simple-term-menu.

This library is consuming its metadata (such as templates, technologies) from git repositories. The process is documented in the templates section.


This project works on any Linux environment, macOS and Windows 10 (through Windows Subsystem for Linux for more details please refer to this link:

Get Started#

What's OpenShift#


OCPeasy CLI requires oc installed.

Before using ocpeasy, you'll have to be authenticated against the target cluster.

Follow this link for more details on this setup:


  • pip3 install ocpeasy

If you don't have the permission to install globally a dependency in your system, you can use the --user flag.

  • pip3 install ocpeasy --user