scaffold target permits to generate a project ready to be used with ocpeasy.


ocpeasy scaffold

with proxy#

ocpeasy scaffold --proxy=


Strategy selection#

Technology selection#

To filter, use the character / followed by the pattern to apply

Framework selection#

Folder name selection#

Folder name is the name of the folder to be used for your newly created project.

Folder location selection#

Folder location is the location of the folder to be used for your newly created project. (e.g.: /Users/username/dev)

Then a confirmation will be required:

Git repository#

This repository corresponds to the place where your source code will live.

Git credentials ID#

Git credentials ID is secret ID in OpenShift required to access the repository where your project's source code will live.

It can be either basic auth (username, password) or ssh key.

Here's a configuration example to create a secret to pull a git repository internally hosted with username and password, and a .gitconfig to specify git pull specific options. For instance, if you need to specify a combination of secret (username, password + CA options)

In that case, the secret is being used within a corporate environment and gitlab is self-hosted with custom CA, it's possible to disable the SSL verification adding specific options to the .gitconfig file.

Then gitlab-internal-id will be the credential-id

Project created#

Once you've completed all the steps above, you'll see a folder like this one:

With a structure corresponding to the selected template: