OCPeasy configuration

ocpeasy.yml config#


ocpeasy.yml is a configuration file generated during scaffolding process with parameters relative to your project (documented in detail below).

Sample configuration#

gitCredentialsId: gogs-repo-pw
gitRepository: https://www.github.com/user/repo.git
httpProxy: http://proxy.acme.corp.net:1234
httpsProxy: https://proxy.acme.corp.net:5678
projectName: ocpeasy-flask
- containerId: flaskdev
containerRoute: flaskdev-odev.ocpcluster.net
dockerfile: ./Dockerfile
modules: []
ocpProject: odev
podReplicas: '2'
stageId: dev
frameworkId: python-flask
profile: defaultApp
strategy: openshift_3_4
technology: python3.8
templateUri: https://github.com/ocpeasy/ocpeasy-template-python-flask.git
version: master


Secret used to retrieve the source code of your project from OpenShift


Repository URI, where your source code will live


http proxy configuration (optional), to retrieve OCPeasy strategies behind a corporate proxy for instance. http proxy gateway configuration.


https proxy configuration (optional), to retrieve OCPeasy strategies behind a corporate proxy for instance. https proxy gateway configuration.


Folder name of your project.


Contains configuration stages for the deployment of your projects.



These parameters are generated during project scaffolding step and aren't supposed to be updated.

  • frameworkId:
    • template id being used
  • profile:
    • describes application profile and will generate respective
  • strategyId:
    • openshift version
  • technology:
    • technology used for the application
  • templateUri:
    • uri of template used to scaffold the application folder
  • version:
    • branch/version of the template

.ocpeasy folder#

.ocpeasy folder will contain the stages definitions, yaml files generated during the deployment process.

These folders will look like something below (non-exhaustive list):

  • build config for STAGEID : .ocpeasy/<STAGEID>/bc.yaml
  • deployment config for STAGEID : .ocpeasy/<STAGEID>/dc.yaml
  • image config for STAGEID : .ocpeasy/<STAGEID>/img.yaml
  • service config for STAGEID : .ocpeasy/<STAGEID>/svc.yaml